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Spring is really making its presence felt, and with it a new season is beginning for Food magazine. Having been a regular contributor over the years, I am now excited to step into the editor’s role, and along with the Food magazine team we hope our Spring issue will enthuse, motivate and inspire you to try some new things. In a possibly misguided fit of enthusiasm, I’ve even decided to tackle cleaning my ovens. It has been suggested by some that it may be simpler just to move house. But to do justice to the great recipes we have in this issue of Food magazine, I’m donning the hazmat suit and I’m sure it will be worth it. From light meals full of fresh produce to new and tasty ways to serve up a sausage (think pizzas, pastas and casseroles), this issue is packed with family favourites. We’ll even help you take your much-loved lasagne to new heights! For relaxed dining as the weather warms up, try our ‘no forks required’ food: we’re talking burgers, sliders, chilli dogs and wings. And the lemonophiles will love our luscious lemon curd baking. Because we Kiwis don’t like to show up to anything empty-handed, we have a great collection of versatile make-ahead recipes which are easy to transport and reheat. You’ll definitely be invited back after turning up with one of these. Likewise, Kiwis still value dropping off a homecooked meal or some baking to show appreciation, or to offer comfort when things are tough. Our good friend Jo Seagar is no stranger to tough times, so we were delighted to take a peek at her lovely new book, packed with recipes for simple gatherings, special celebrations and those times when a homemade offering saves the day. We hope you enjoy hearing her news as much as we did. We also love hearing from you so keep sending us your suggestions, thoughts and photos – the triumphs and disasters! The star letter each issue receives a prize. Sophie Gray

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