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There are many enjoyable experiences in life but a great meal is hard to beat, which is why in this issue we’re celebrating the joy of eating in all its rich, flavoursome, spicy, creamy, tasty, saucy, sweet and fresh glory! With the weather still gloomy, there is nothing quite like hunkering down to some home-cooked goodness. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in the kitchen all afternoon embracing your creative cooking side or spent just a few minutes whipping up a dish with your favourite ingredients; it’s all about the enjoyment. The baked pudding cover recipe is the best of both worlds – incredibly quick and easy, yet indulgent and sophisticated. Plus it’s made with chocolate. Is there any greater joy than chocolate? This 15-minute dessert is bound to become a family favourite, especially if you can get the kids to make it! That’s a joy right there! Speaking of the family, in this issue we’ve looked at how we can make your veges the co-star of your dishes. We all know we should be getting our five-plus-a-day but we often just revert to boiling, steaming or roasting them. Contributor Helen Jackson has worked her magic on our most common vegetables. The family actually enjoying the veges at dinner – what a joy! And if you’re a pie-lover, have we got something joyous for you. Kiwis recently voted the pie as their number one comfort food, so on page 89 we introduce you to the ultimate chicken version thanks to Food contributor, Jo Wilcox. There are more than 70 joyful recipes in this issue and we hope they bring a smile to your face. Happy cooking!

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