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I love Mother’s Day. While I am hopeless at remembering to send my own mum a card in the UK (whose idea was it to have them on different days? Sorry, Mum. Love you!), my own children, aged 14 and 11, are old enough to know that this is the one day a year I get breakfast in bed. When they were younger, some of the offerings were quite... shall we say, different, to my normal breakfasts. Tea (surprise teabag still at the bottom of the cup) with options ranging from pancakes and slightly dark toast, to eggs and fruit, and often all of them if the kids coudldn’t agree what to make! These days, the kids are pretty kitchen-savvy and the quality of food they now make is quite impressive. (That said, I will be sure to leave a copy of Food handy for them to get inspiration from Jo Wilcox’s gorgeous Mother’s Day feature on page 10!) My daughter Jess is a dab hand at batters and doughs and makes fantastic cookies, while Charlie is fast becoming an expert at smoothies, and makes a mean omelette and macaroni cheese. I’ve taught them they’ll never regret knowing how to cook, and watching them create in the kitchen gives me hope they won’t spend their young adult years eating fast food and cold beans out of a can. I also hope they’ll learn to work with what they have because as students, they will have a lot less than Mum’s over-stuffed fridge to work with. But it is something they need to learn, as so much of the world has so little, as Brett McGregor discovered in Kenya (p120). We are lucky to have world-class level chefs and food artists, many of whom feature in the pages of Food. This issue we persuaded ice cream genius Giapo Grazioli to make us a Mother’s Day surprise. His Aukland ice cream parlour, Giapo, is renowned for the queues of fans desperate to try his latest edible invention, and the tiara he made especially for Food mag readers (p96) is just gorgeous. It’s surprisingly easy to do, and I guarantee Mum will be over the moon if you make it for her! Whatever dishes you make from this Autumn issue of Food, I hope you enjoy each one. Don’t forget to send us your photos and food stories, either to me at, or on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages. Happy cooking!

Catherine Milford, Editor

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